About Alex


 Alexander John Kusturok 

Cold Lake AB


                Growing up, Alex (3rd Generation fiddle player)  followed his mother Patti to Old time dances around Manitoba where he was enriched with the Métis fiddle from a very young age. By age 7, the passion for music became apparent and fiddle became the focus of Alex's life.


                Culture has always played a huge part in Alex's music and his life. Between his mother's fiddle and his father's guitar, there is no question that Alex would take to the music and continue to pass on the tradition.  Alex's music is very much about family. Every time he plays it is for his late grandparents John and Eva,  his mother Patti, who gave him the gift of music.


Career Highlights Include:

- “Indigenous Day Live Winter Solstice” 5 day music festival that aired on APTN 

- Toured as a "hired gun" with the Derina Harvey band (2017)

- Métis Spring Festival Champion (Alberta, 2016) 

- Two Time British Columbia Fiddle Champion  (2008, 2009)

- Five Time Manitoba Champion ,

- Eight Time Manitoba Métis Champion

- Grand North American Champion (Alberta, 2013)

- Canadian Grand Masters National Competition ranking in the top ten competitors and performing in Junior Showcase. 

- Toured through Norway Europe with Patti Kusturok and Trent Bruner

- Festival of Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsand, Washington

-  Folk Life Festival in Seattle, Washington

-  2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics (1st Medal Ceremony)


Alex has shared the Métis culture at many different cultural events including but not limited to:


- Two Tours with Spirit Horse (aboriginal theatre piece)

- Asham Stomperfest, Reedy Creek, Manitoba

- Back to Batoche Festival in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

- International Métis Festival at the International Peace Gardens, Manitoba/North Dakota Border


                Alex continues to be high in demand as a performer, instructor and competition judge across Canada. Alex has a blend of styles in his music. He is greatly influenced by the Quebecois and Cape Breton fiddle styles, however, the Métis style remains at the forefront of his playing.


                Alex has released four Independent Albums, "Groove" (2009) , “For Old Times Sake" (2014) “Almost live” (2017) and “Phoenix” (2020) . In Alex's show you can count on a display of culture through music and dance, stories of his upbringing, and a "hard driving" energy that will get everyone on their feet.