About Alex

Alex Kusturok has emerged as a formidable force in the world of traditional and contemporary fiddle music. Immersed in the rich Métis fiddle culture since childhood, Alex’s journey in music began in the lively old-time dances of Manitoba, where he accompanied his mother, Patti Kusturok. By age 7, his deep-seated passion for music was unmistakable, a passion that has since evolved into a flourishing career as both a performer and an educator.

Career Highlights:

Co-Composer Extraordinaire: Alex co-composed the enthralling "Li Keur: Riel’s Heart of the North", showcasing his creative prowess.

2023 Heritage Classic, Edmonton AB: A standout performance that left an indelible mark in the hearts of many.

Celtic Colours International Festival (Oct. 2022): Demonstrated his versatility and global appeal.

Metis Delegation in Rome (2022): Represented the Metis Nation of Alberta by bringing Métis culture to Rome & sharing its musical heritage with none other than Pope Francis.

Indigenous Day Live Winter Solstice: A key figure in this 5-day music festival aired on APTN, celebrating indigenous music and culture.

Tour with the Derina Harvey Band (2017): Showcased his talent as a sought-after "hired gun".

Multiple Fiddle Championships: A testament to his skill, Alex is a Métis Spring Festival Champion (Alberta, 2016), a Two-Time British Columbia Fiddle Champion (2008, 2009), a Five-Time Manitoba Champion, an Eight-Time Manitoba Métis Champion, and the Grand North American Champion (Alberta, 2013).
Canadian Grand Masters National Competition: Ranked in the top 3, highlighting his national acclaim.
International Tours: His music has resonated across borders, with tours in Norway, Europe, and notable performances in the United States.

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics: Performed at the first Medal Ceremony, bringing his cultural heritage to a global stage.

Theatrical Ventures: sold out concert at the Vic Juba in Lloydminster as part of their concert series

Musical Influence and Style:

Alex’s music is a dynamic blend, heavily influenced by Quebecois and Cape Breton fiddle styles. However, the essence of Métis fiddling remains the heart and soul of his performances. The heart beat of his music lies in the power of his footwork and his versatility has kept him in high demand across Canada.


- “Groove” (2009)
- “For Old Times Sake” (2014)
- “Phoenix” (2020)

Legacy and Performance:

In Alex's captivating shows, audiences experience a rich tapestry of culture, music, and dance, interwoven with personal stories and an infectious energy. His performances are more than just concerts; they are a celebration of heritage, an exhibition of unparalleled musical talent, and a heartfelt journey through the rhythms of the fiddle.

Alex Kusturok continues to inspire and educate, leaving an indelible mark on the Canadian music scene and beyond, championing the sounds and stories of his Métis heritage.

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Instagram: AlexKusturok