I have been teaching for 12 years, and strongly believe in keeping the traditional fiddle music alive. Throughout the years I've worked with people of all ages and levels from beginner to advanced. For me, the main component of the lesson is having fun. I believe it's important to create a comfortable, and relaxed setting where we can share ideas as well as work at your own personal goals.
I've had students come to me in the past who wanted to win championships, and they've done just that. I've also had students where their biggest goal was to play happy birthday at their grandparent's birthday, and they've succeeded at that as well.

"Alex taught me how to play from the heart. He showed me how to become my own player and how to make my music my own. Alex gave me so much freedom to choose my direction as a fiddler while always pushing me to be the best I could be. I'm so proud of the things I was able to achieve through his knowledge, guidance, and support."- 2015 festival du voyageur 18- champion Sophia Rivera


"Alex was my fiddle instructor at the Peace Garden fiddle camp this past June. I liked that he would answer any questions we had and not just insist that we stay on one topic. I learned a lot this way and it was much more interesting than other fiddle classes I've taken. I also learned great new tunes! It was an honor to play with such an amazing fiddler as Alex! He was very nice and clearly loves fiddle music and teaching! His enthusiasm made me want to practice and play even more!" - Sara