Alex Kusturok  (fiddler, performer, instructor, mental health/addictions speaker) is 29 years old from Cold Lake Alberta. His fiddle and music have brought him success in the form of provincial championships, international tours with different bands, national tv appearances, and he’s currently in high demand as a performer and instructor. 
What he is first and foremost is an Alcoholic, Drug addict in long term recovery. Alex is familiar with the pain, insanity, fear, guilt, and broken promises of living as a slave to our own mind and addiction. At 2 years in recovery, he has made it his mission to connect with as many people as he can through speaking so that everyone can learn that they aren’t alone. He wants people to know there’s help, a way out, and to share that there is hope no matter how alone we feel.


Video contains content which may not be suitable for some viewers: